25 White House Jobs And Their Corresponding Pays

Ever wondered what specific jobs run the government? How about their corresponding salaries? We decided to look through the salary information of some White House officials to see some of those jobs’ salary worth.

Read on to learn about how much people working in the White House earn!

President – $400,000

Having the toughest job of leading the country, the president earns the highest salary among state officials. Annually, the pay amounts to about $400,000.

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Vice President – $230,700

The second commander-in-chief has a yearly salary of $230,700. Aside from that, the VP also receives exclusive benefits such as free housing, transportation, and allocation of manpower for office.

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Special Representative for Disaster Recovery – $190,289

On February 2020, Trump appointed a special representative for disaster recovery. This was in line with the government’s recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, which was greatly devastated by a hurricane in 2017. With the recent 2020 earthquakes, the position became essential in addressing concerns and implementing disaster-preparedness measures. The crucial role earned the special representative the highest salary in 2020, amounting to $190,289.

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Assistant to the President and Director of Oval Office Operations – $183,000

Staff under the Oval Office Operations manage the president’s personal schedule and private engagements. The office also receives appointments or requests made to immediately meet the president. Based on the 2020 salary report, the director of the Oval operations gets an average of $183,000 annual salary.

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Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff – $183,000

While there is no legal requirement to fill the position, the chief of staff has been a significant appointee in the history of the federal government. Technically, its main responsibility is to assist the president in performing his core duties. These are not limited to ensuring that operations in the White House are in order, managing the president’s daily schedule, and deciding the people whom the president will meet. In 2020, the executive assistant role was paid $183,000.

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Counsel to the President – $183,000

Also known as the White House counsel, the appointee for this role is responsible in advising the president on all legal issues concerning his presidency and administration. In 2018, Trump’s counsel, Pat Cipollone acted as the lead attorney during his impeachment trial. This earned him $183,000 based on the 2020 salary report.

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Assistant to the President and Director of Presidential Personnel – $183,000

Positions in the higher office require careful consideration and thorough selection. Thus, the Presidential Personnel Office assists the president with the task by vetting possible candidates and making recommendations for potential appointments. While the role of the director might be one of the toughest as it sounds, it is nonetheless graciously compensated with an annual salary of $183,000.

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Assistant to the President for Trade and Manufacturing Policy – $183,000

The office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy was one of the pioneering executive departments under Trump’s term. Peter Navarro is one of the 22 White House employees that earn $183,000 per year. Trump created the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy in 2017, which means Navarro is the only salary earner we have to look at for this role.

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Assistant to the President and National Security Advisor – $183,000

Another White House position with an average paycheck of $183,000 is the national security advisor. His duties involve reporting matters of national security to the president, and leading the national security council in gathering sensitive intelligence information.

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Assistant to the President and Senior Counselor – $183,000

The senior counselor role was a distinction made by Trump specially in his administration. While many White House staffers bore the title, assistant to the president, they were not as graciously paid as the senior counselor. In 2020, the role was one of the highest-paid job, with a salary of $183,000 per year.

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Assistant to the President and Press Secretary – $183,000

As the federal government’s official spokesperson, this role is regarded as one of the toughest duties in the office. That being the case, this position also gets to be one of the highest-paid in White House. In 2020, the press secretary was reportedly earning $183,000 annually.

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Executive Clerk – $170,800

The clerk acts as a middle man for official documents sent between Congress and the president. This includes reviewing and preparing documents such as executive orders, bills, and messages. In 2020, the executive clerk reportedly earned $170,800 annually for the role.

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Deputy Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Deputy Director of the National Economic Council – $158,000

The National Economic Council was established in 1993 to provide the White House leadership in all areas of economic policy. Its staff identify as special assistant to the president for economic policy, all of whom make at least $120,000 per year. Meanwhile, the deputy director of the National Economic Council earns $158,000 annually.

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Deputy Assistant to the President and Social Secretary – $168,000

As the social secretary, the person in-charge spearheads the planning and execution of all the social events hosted by the White House. The 2020 salary report reveals that the social secretary got paid $168,000 yearly for the role. This figure is a stark contrast to 2016’s social secretary paycheck amounting to only $119,723.

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Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of White House Information Technology – $168,000

The office title was made in 2016 during Obama’s term, when he wanted to do reinforcements for the information technology department. His first director reportedly made $121,752 annually. Since then, the position has received an increase with $168,000 as the highest in 2020.

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Executive Assistant to the President – $158,000

As the official deputy assistant to the president, this executive assistant position earned the highest salary at $158,000. It was significantly higher compared to 2019, which only amounted at $120,000. The salary report also identified eleven other people as executive secretaries and executive administrative assistants, each of whom makes between $48,000 and $77,700 per year.

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Ethics Counsel – $147,458

The ethics counsel provides legal advice to the president on matters of ethics. During the previous administration, two attorneys on payroll were regarded as ethics counsel. The highest-earning of them made a paycheck of $147,458.

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Speechwriters – $135,000

It is the duty of the speechwriters to ensure the president’s remarks at speaking engagements be concise and flawless in content. While there were three speechwriters listed on staff for 2020, two were only paid with the highest possible salary. Both received a total of $135,000 for their paycheck.

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Chief Calligrapher – $109,200

The chief calligrapher’s office handwrites the official invitations, certificates, letters and other White House documents. There had been three calligraphers on staff for the past administration. The lowest-paid of them made $84,400 per year, while the chief calligrapher received a $109,200 paycheck in total.

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Special Assistant to the President and Director of White House Travel Office – $106,000

The director of the White House travel office is responsible for booking travel and accommodations for press corps members who accompany officials on trips. They are also in-charge of receiving payment from various media outlets. Former administration’s director of White House travel office earned $106,000 in 2020, a slightly higher salary than her 2019 paycheck of $92,400.

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Director of Stenography – $98,900

The director of stenography manages a staff of official White House stenographers. They are in-charge of taking down notes of all meetings and delivering the transcripts to the press after official events. In the 2020 salary report, the director of stenography was paid $98,900, a bit higher compared to its 2019 salary at $95,500.

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Videographer – $72,700 to $80,000

Important events in The White House have to be documented and video is one of the essentials used for these coverages. For the previous presidential administration, it had two videographers on staff. One is a senior videographer who made $80,000 a year, while the junior one earned $72,700 annually.

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Records Management Analyst – $69,300

The records management analyst scans and tracks documents addressed to offices and agencies within the Executive Office of the President and the rest of the federal government. They are also in-charge of managing these files through indexing for record-keeping. This role reportedly got paid $69,300 annually in 2020.

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West Wing Receptionist – $53,000

The salary report of 2020 reveals that the president’s West Wing Receptionist makes about $53,000 for a year. In comparison, regular receptionists who do not work for the White House earn $30,350 in average per year.


Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy Coordination – $30,000

This position oversees the administration’s efforts to streamline the Federal Government’s regulatory process and modernize its technology systems according to the White House’s official website. In 2020, this also gets the lowest salary among all the staffers of the White House.

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