The Wealthiest Zip Codes in All 50 U.S. States

With a population of nearly 330 million, it makes sense the United States has varying degrees of wealth across all 50 states. GOBankingRates, a financial website, recently researched the richest zip codes in all the states to see just where the money is. And, their findings might make you reconsider where-and how-you live in your …

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What are Stock Options (and How to Trade Them)

With all the current talk of the stock market, you may be wondering yourself if it’s worth attempting to invest. The good news is that entering the stock market is likely easier than you imagine; all you need is a little basic knowledge and the right tools to enter the market. What are Stock Options? …

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5 Best Online Stock Trading Platforms for Beginners

A concept of a businessman entering investment market in a touchscreen internet trading platform

There’s no better time than the present to get into the stock market. However, investing can seem a little daunting to beginners–but investing and financial trading doesn’t have to be a scary experience. In fact, with the right tools, you may find that entering the stock market is far easier than you initially imagined. Best …

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5 Best Stock Trading Apps to Make Bank Now

Business man holding phone with the best stock trading apps

There’s no better time than now to get invested in the stock market. Fortunately, you don’t need to have tons of technical knowledge of the market to make it work for you. With a little basic knowledge and the right tools at your disposal, you can become a regular fat cat yourself. Best Stock Trading …

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Gold ETFs: The Time to Invest is Now

During times of uncertainty, there has long been one safe haven for investors: gold. To call current times uncertain is an understatement. That’s why the time to invest in gold is now. Don’t believe us? During this time of uncertainty, gold spot prices have broken the $1800-per-ounce threshold for the first time since 2011. In …

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Trade in that Old iPhone for Money

The biggest question after upgrading or purchasing a new device: is what to do with the old one? Many people are accustomed to throwing away their old phones or storing them in their junk drawers. But there’s plenty more options out there (and ones that can bring in some money to boot). There are a …

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Best Reasons to Take Out Home Equity Loans

Wooden home cutout in front of four stacks of coins increasing in height

What are Home Equity Loans? In a home equity loan, the bank lends the homeowner money based on the amount of money the homeowner can put up as collateral. The more home equity someone has, the bigger the home equity loan. Homeowners are free to use it in any way they want. Banks suggest to …

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How to Make Charitable Donation Dollars Count

The news today seems to be flooded with negative news stories. Fortunately, there are ways for people who want to help. Volunteering and making charitable donations are two common ways to enact positive change. However, not all charities are created equal. Well-meaning people might therefore wonder where they should invest their money to really get …

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7 ‘Must Knows’ of Medicare Supplement Insurance

Original Medicare Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) offer a lot of coverage including health care services and some supplies, but they don’t cover everything. Medicare Supplement Insurance, also known as Medigap insurance, helps cover some of the additional expenses that an original Medicare policy may not. This additional coverage does not cancel or …

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