Oddball Beach Photos Good for a Giggle

Some of the craziest, funniest things happen on the beach, and you better believe it. Even more, some of these moments are caught on camera but beware, you might have to do a double-take on these chuckle-worthy beachside snapshots to see what they’re really trying to show.

Rough Facial

Did we mention that sand makes a good facial scrub? For one, it acts as a natural exfoliant that peels off dead skin cells. We just don’t recommend using it the way this woman did below, otherwise, it may do more harm than good.


Crafty Floater

Despite spoiling ourselves with a beach getaway, we sometimes still find ourselves on a tight budget. We bet that’s the case for this guy who used plastic bottles for floaters. Crazy, right?


Extra Tan Needed

We almost couldn’t trace the girl’s body in this picture with how much she blends into the sand color. It’s safe to say she would have to bathe a couple more hours under the sun if she wants to be recognized.


Getaway Buddy

This man literally took floaters to the next level when he decided to make it his travel partner. He probably thought this woman-shaped floater is still better company than none at all.


Sticking Chair

We don’t think this man ever thought he might actually get stuck in his beach chair, yet here he is, stuck like glue.


Sandy Couch

What are beaches made for, if not for a place to ultimately relax? Seems like this tourist had the best time off after lounging on a couch made of sand.

Bored Panda

Next-Level Lounging

Lounging has never been better on a soft and relaxing couch, but what if you also want to bask in the afternoon sun on the beach? We think this guy had the cleverest solution.


Innovative Pillow

Napping by the shore is one of the most therapeutic things to do at the beach, but it’s not like you can bring a full sleeping set without making a scene. Good thing for this man, he’s got an alternative pillow. We just hope it’s as comfortable as it looks.


Declaring Property

These must be a valuable pair of flip flops! The owner even used a lock to ensure nobody steals them. What a brilliant idea!


Flawless Photo-Bombing

These ladies were having the best time, and they made sure to commemorate it with this photo. We just wonder if they’ll still feel the same knowing someone might have ruined their precious moment. Not following? Zoom in a little to see what we mean.


Stranger Selfie

There are times we can’t help but ask strangers to take our vacation pictures. Unfortunately for this couple, they forgot to flip the phone camera lens, but at least they have something to laugh about with this embarrassing mistake.


Unleashing Creativity

Beach getaways are also times for us to get creative. Just take a look at this mother and son duo, who probably had Dad set up the prop and take the photo. Fun times, indeed!


On-the-Spot Humor

Seriously, we couldn’t find a more perfectly timed, hilarious photo than this snap. The book cover’s expression flawlessly matched the woman’s face and body posture, creating the best comic relief at the beach.


Painful Reminder

Undoubtedly, this photo easily names the culprit behind this man’s sunburn. But as hilarious as it may be, it also serves as a painful reminder to wear your sunblock at all times.

Irish Times

Friendly Photobomber

We’re used to friends or strangers photobombing our snaps on vacations, but what happens if it’s one of our furry friends?


Sand Dog

Another fun and creative activity to do on the beach is making sand castles. This little pup’s owner had a different idea, though.


Fall in Line

These raccoons must have been extremely hungry because they followed a man who fed them in the water. What’s more amusing is how they seem to be lining up and patiently waiting for their turn to eat. How adorable!


Dance Partner

Look how poised this cat was, as if he was part of the dance. What can we say? They make a lovely pair!


Don’t Cross the Line

In this photo, it’s as if the cat saw an invisible line that she shouldn’t cross, hence, the full-stop pose. Or maybe, she just didn’t feel like taking a dip by the sea. What do you think?


Resting Seal

Surely, humans aren’t the only ones who find beaches relaxing. As it turns out, seals do, too. Just take a look at this seal, who may have taken cues from tourists lounging next to it.

Daily Mail

Lounging Cows

Speaking of animals who walk the beach, these cows also knew the perfect spot to casually lie down and hang out. Unlike the seals though, they prefer the sand over beach chairs.


Avoiding The Heat

Adding to the roster of animals that like beaches, these ponies also love to mingle with beach travelers. The beachgoers were even kind enough to let one horse rest under the shade of their umbrella.


Lovely Smile

While we don’t know how this lady managed to capture this shot, we’re glad she did. We can’t help but crack a smile with the turtle’s seemingly pleased smile.


Seagulls Attack

As peaceful as the last photo seemed to be, this one was its exact opposite. Pictured here is a seagull aggressively taking someone’s donut away! Who do you think won?

Bored Panda

Party Crashers

The seagulls surely know their business when it comes to crashing a happy beach party. Just look at how chaotic the group ended up when these birds suddenly barged in.

@faineg / Twitter

Masked Avengers

When you want to go to the beach but you have a Lucha Libre match right afterward. Just think of the tan lines from these gettups.

Get It Off…Get It Off

A lot of people would be super-stoked to get this close to a ray. This lady however does not seem to be enjoying it. At least the guys behind her are having a good laugh and in no way helping her.

Water Wing Are A Must

Let’s see, do I have everything for the beach? Swimsuit, check. Water wings, check, creepy hood mask, check. Honestly, if she would have coordinated colors better, no one probably would have noticed.

Romantic Proposal

The beach makes a perfect spot to propose. This guy obviously poured his heart out writing down the important question on the sand. We just hope she catches it right before the tide washes it away.


Private Party

Who says you can’t have a private party on the beach without spending too much? Well, take clues from this group of friends that had the brilliant idea of digging a spot on the shore while covering themselves with a patio umbrella.


Bagged In

Sure, protecting yourself from the sun’s rays is important, but it’s probably not too effective with a plastic bag. Maybe this guy is trying to protect himself from something else, like bugs?

@RPURHAM / Twitter

Awkward Photobomber

You’ll have to look really closely in this picture to see the person who photobombed the shot. But, once you see it, you’ll laugh at how funny it is!


Incoming Storm

No one wants to be at the beach during a storm, especially if it involves hail. Here, these beachgoers seem to be running for cover, as they should!


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