Find the Perfect High-end Yoga Pants at a Fraction of the Price

Whether you’re hitting the gym, sweating your toxins out with a yoga flow, or enjoying a cozy day in, chances are that yoga pants make up an important part of your wardrobe. It’s essential to find the perfect pair with just the right levels of flexibility and comfort, and the top yoga pants brands help you do just that.

Fortunately, there are plenty of deals to help you snag that perfect pair at a fraction of the original cost.


As one of the most popular athleticwear companies out there right now, Lululemon has got you covered for your yoga pants needs. They offer a variety of styles to fit your personal preferences, including capris, leggings, and joggers.

Popular Collections

These pant styles come in several collections, such as:

  • Align: This collection features mostly leggings and joggers at 25” or 28,” with some 23” capris. They also offer super high-rise versions and wrap waist styles. Align pants come in a variety of colors, ranging from plain black to blue or purple diamond dye.
  • Wunder Under: This collection foregoes joggers in favor of tight high-rise leggings, although it does venture into the cropped leggings area. It is available mostly in solid dark colors, pinks, and whites with a much more understated feel.
  • Fast & Free: This collection has a variety of cropped and full-length leggings, with plenty of high-rise and tight options. It frequently favors a non-reflective matte fabric. Fast & Free leggings mostly come in solid dark colors, with a few options for bright blue and red.
  • In Movement: This collection offers only two options, a 27” and 28” version of a tight Everlux legging in dark and neutral colors.
  • Wunder Train: This collection is mostly designed for training and offers high-rise tight or cropped options. It comes in dark or understated colors with some subtle patterns available.
  • Invigorate: This line features three high-rise crop options in lighter colors.

Pricing & Deals

Lululemon leggings are typically in the $98-$118 range, so they’re definitely an investment. For lower prices, check the We Made Too Much tab! Athletes and industry professionals can also join the Sweat Collective for 25% off.


With a wide variety of options—including plus sizes and pockets—this company is one of Lululemon’s biggest competitors. They offer mostly leggings and joggers, with some ventures into athletic shorts, in a variety of colors, patterns, and yoga-themed collections.

Popular Styles

  • Salutation: The line-within-a-line Salutation Stash features pockets, and all of the Salutation leggings and joggers come in several colors and styles including crop, mid-rise, and tight.
  • Elation: These leggings come in a wide variety of styles, including cropped, 2-in-1, shorts, capris, and 7/8. They also come in patterns ranging from basic black to very bright.
  • Post Om: If you’re looking for something soft and comfy after a workout, Athleta offers a small line of black joggers.
  • Mesh Me Up: This line includes a variety of clothing items, but the leggings come in purple or black with mesh. They are 7/8 tight leggings and can come with pockets.
  • Inclination: These are dark-colored tight leggings for a more snug fit.

Pricing & Deals

These leggings run a little less pricey than Lululemon, though not by much, ranging from $79-$108. They do offer a sale tab, however, which can significantly mark down the prices. They also offer free 3-5 day shipping on all orders over $100 and free returns and a 20% off promo code when you sign up for an Athleta email.

Alo Yoga

Another popular company in the high-end leggings world, Alo mainly focuses on clothing geared towards yoga enthusiasts. They advertise their eco-conscious policies. Their yoga clothes include leggings, lounge, shorts, and bras. Alo leggings come in various collections and a variety of unique colors and patterns.

Popular Styles

  • Goddess: These leggings are characterized by an over-the-heel style set off by understated colors such as navy blue, gray, and light pink.
  • Moto: This collection features full- or 7/8-length mesh leggings and joggers in a variety of high-rise styles. They mostly come in neutral or pastel colors, with a few pops of bright color such as bright red.
  • Alosoft: These soft, mostly high-waisted leggings take a more traditional approach with no mesh, standard lengths and solid colors or simple patterns.
  • Airlift: These are lightweight compression leggings in all lengths. They come in slightly bolder colors with some subtle patterns.
  • Airbrush: These leggings and shorts feature 4-way stretch in pastel or neon colors with simple designs.
  • Ripped: As its name suggests, this collection will keep you cool and comfortable with its neutral colors and ripped design.

Pricing & Deals

These leggings are also on the more expensive side, ranging from $72-$150. They are offering a free tote with orders of $250 or more and a sale of up to 40% off.

Final Thoughts

The perfect legging is essential for yoga enthusiasts of all levels, so taking a look at the highest-quality, most recommended brands is a great place to start. With their variety of styles, patterns and fits, these leggings are worth it!

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