Stay Cool with the Best Air Conditioners

With summers getting hotter and hotter, there’s no better time to invest in a top-notch AC unit. Of course, it is always important to know your needs before you decide on the type of air conditioner to purchase. Not sure where to start? Not a problem. Below are some of the best options on the market (and some ways to save big, too).

Amana Heating and Air Conditioner

Amana is a household name in the heating and air conditioning industry. A subsidiary of Goodman, this brand offers several SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) ratings that range from 13 to 18. According to experts, a rating of 16 is the most ideal for residential use.

Perhaps best of all, the company installs efficient insulation in their machines to reduce noise, yet another reason this brand is perfect for a home environment. Fortunately, most of their parts are easily replaced.

Pricing & Discounts

Prices are reasonable and vary according to the model. For example, a complete AVXC20 model goes for $5,750 while a complete ASXC18 model is priced at $4,500. However, prices can be reduced if discounts are factored in; check the official website for current deals and discounts.

American Standard

American Standard is another top air conditioner brand. It is part of the Ingersoll Group and categorizes its units into gold, silver, and platinum levels, rated according to cooling stages, efficiency, and comfort.

They have AccuComfort technology that provides different speed operations to give the system a chance to adjust consistency and run more efficiently. As a result, the brand has a SEER rating of 22.0 with several other features that make it convenient for home use.


The American Standard air conditioner costs around $2,600 to $3,200. You can visit the official to discover current promotions and rebates in your area.


Goodman is one of America’s oldest air conditioning manufacturers. It offers units in the 18 SEER and 13 SEER performance categories. Best of all, most of Goodman’s top models come with lifetime limited warranties and are ENERGY STAR partners.

Pricing & Discounts

One major advantage of this model is that you can replace it immediately after noticing any faults or malfunctioning. Installing a GSX 14 air conditioner, though, can cost around $3,500. Fortunately, you can visit the official website to discover rebates in your area. Plus, you may be able to claim their HVAC systems on your taxes in a federal tax credit program.


Most people prefer this brand because it is simply one of the best air conditioners out there in terms of energy efficiency. It’s all due to the fact that its internal units are built under strict and high-quality standards. It runs at quiet 67 decibels and has an 18 SEER rating. Besides that, the Infinity series provides plenty of features to play around with.

Pricing & Discounts

The standard price of a 14 SEER Carrier is around $4,783. The good thing about this brand is that you can find the exact model that caters to your needs. You may also visit the official site to discover rebates, financing, and other ways to save.


Lennox is known for manufacturing high-quality products across the world. For years, the company has specialized in making affordable and energy-efficient air conditioners. Just how efficient? Well, you can get a Lennox model with a SEER level as high as 23.

Pricing & Discounts

Average Lennox air conditioners, such as the 14ACX series, cost around $3,200 (excluding discounts offered by various retailers). Special prices for this brand can be as low as $3,000. You can also visit the official site to discover rebates, promotions, and financing options.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi is widely known for its high-quality electronic products. What most people actually don’t know is that the company also manufactures HVAC products. In fact, it has been manufacturing ACs since the 1980s.

No environmental concerns here; the company manufactures air conditioner systems of up to 30.5 SEER.


However, one thing you should know is that Mitsubishi air conditioners are relatively expensive compared to other brands. As is the case with many other brands, though, you can explore Mitsubishi’s official site for special rebates and promotions; you may also be able to write off Mitsubishi HVAC systems in your taxes.


Trane is a popular brand in the commercial world, although the company also has air conditioners tailor-made for residential purposes. It has high SEER ratings and favorable warranties that make them extremely attractive.

Pricing & Discounts

Besides being energy efficient, this brand is relatively cheap compared to other manufacturers. For instance, an XR14 (with a 14 SEER rating) costs around $4,500. The good thing is that discounts can reduce that amount to about $4,000.

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