Brace Yourself Against these 13 Causes of Toothaches

In the United States, up to 31% of adults have untreated tooth decay. This decay can contribute to increased risk of toothaches and more complicated dental health conditions. Of course, tooth decay isn’t the only thing that causes tooth pain. In fact, toothaches are incredibly common in part because of the wide range of conditions …

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Best Electric Toothbrushes: Top 5 Product Reviews

A large electric toothbrush is held up next to a thin manual toothbrush

There have been many electric toothbrushes that have hit the market over the past ten years. Most of their claims seem alike: they’ll clean teeth efficiently in a way that no other brand can. After hearing all of these similar-sounding messages, it’s easy to assume that all electric brushes are the same. But that’s not …

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Tooth-Whitening Toothpaste: Top 4 Brands

An opened tube of toothpaste sits beside two colorful toothbrushes

There are many toothpastes on the market that claim to whiten teeth. However, toothpastes that use whitening agents to remove stains on the teeth can sometimes damage tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is the outermost layer of the teeth, which protects against decay. Well, what’s someone to do if they want a whiter smile, but don’t …

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