Gender Reveal Ideas for Your Big Announcement

While finding out the gender of your baby is exciting, it’s also quite a suspenseful moment. Today, an increasing amount of people are celebrating this monumental time with a gender reveal party to display their anticipation. These parties can range from a simple get-together to an elaborate, well-planned event for all to see. What are …

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Fun Things to Do in Orlando, Florida: Best Attractions

A train zooms over a Disney World park

Orlando, Florida, is a hugely popular destination. United States citizens and people from all over the world alike are drawn to this part of the U.S. let go of their cares and have fun. The mild climate and lush interior make it an ideal getaway not just for when school’s on break, but all year …

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Baby Formula and Food: How to Choose the Right One

A baby lounges on a chair while drinking bottled formula

Deciding what formula to feed an infant can prove confusing. It’s such an important decision, and though it’s great to have many options, deciphering ingredients and labels is major work. (As if being a new parent wasn’t already hard enough!) Going into the process is much simpler if parents know what to look for from …

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DNA Genealogy Testing: Discovering your Roots

Hand holds two vintage photographs

Genetic testing serves many purposes. Some people use it for medical considerations, as some tests can reveal predispositions for certain conditions. Other folks have a lot of interest in their family history and want to know more about where they really came from. DNA testing for genealogy purposes can help people build or add to …

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