Most Shocking Celebrity Weight Transformations

There seems to be a certain amount of pressure that is put on all of us when we’re talking about weight – be it on health or just to look good. Sadly, the brightest of stars get the most amount of pressure and the slightest change in weight is magnified, turned into headlines. Although we …

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Weight-Loss Resolution Plans for the New Year

Thin woman tugs at loose pants

Happy New Year! Bringing in the new year in a special way means taking advantage of personalized opportunities that helps people live their best lives. For some, new traditions are invented. For others, reaching personal weight goals speaks volumes. These weight-loss resolution plans are great suggestions for those who would like to combine the two …

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Medical Weight Loss Options

The problem of carrying unwanted weight on your frame is unfortunately common. While some people simply are unhappy with the way that their clothes fit, others are clinically obese. Obesity is linked to a wide range of health issues, including diabetes, cardiovascular conditions and even various types of cancer. As damaging as obesity can be …

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