Top Swimsuits for Women: Styles and Deals

Times may be tough, but it’s always a good idea to look forward to the warm summer days ahead. If you’re looking for a swimsuit, there are great options available online or in-store in anticipation of the hot season.

But how do you pick the right suit to buy? Don’t worry; we’ll navigate you through the many swimwear trends showing up on beaches across the world. Here are some of the 2020s most popular suit styles (and where you can get them at a great price).

Make a Statement with V-neck Suits

A variety of necklines have been showing up in the pool or at the beach so far this year, but by far the most popular is the v-neck. While one-pieces are a classic and can be seen in nearly any summer season, this year’s take is a retro v-neck suit. They often come with stripes or 80s inspired colors.

Brands, Pricing & Deals

Asos is offering more affordable versions of these suits for as little as $51 as designers show these retro suits on runways during Miami Swim Week. If you don’t love two-piece suits and crave a simple but unique look, this is the suit for you.

Animal Print Is In

Animal print has been gracing both the runway and our wardrobes for at least a year now, so it’s no surprise that the trend has migrated from everyday clothing to swimsuits. From bikinis to tankinis to one-pieces, there is a wide range of animal-inspired suits that are both on racks in stores and on the beach. Best of all, these suits are offered by many brands. These bright and bold suits are perfect for anyone looking to stand out at the beach but still stay super fashionable.

Brands, Pricing & Deals

Once again, Asos is offering a more affordable version of this style at $29 for a two-piece. But, if you’re really loving this trend, you could go with Net-a-Porter‘s Mara Hoffman‘s option. It is $300 and boasts fantastic quality and shows off a unique take on this trend. It is chic and versatile enough to work with many age groups. 

Shine Bright with Neons

Speaking of standing out at the beach, the next trend is sure to do just that. It’s the neon trend! Sound familiar? It should, as it has also been a trend in everyday clothing for close to a year. These swimsuits are as bright as they are bold, usually featuring one to two neon colors in striking geometric patterns. Without a doubt, neon is one of the biggest trends of the year; if you really want to be trending, this is the style for you.

Brands, Pricing & Deals

Torrid is offering a plus-sized take on this style for $19.78. That’s a great deal for the quality and for how beautiful the garment is. Montce Swim is offering a color-blocked version for $138. This swimsuit can also be seen on runways with big designers, just as neon clothes can be seen on other runways. Signing up for email lists can help you find available sales and discounts.

Drop Jaws with these Cutouts

Dramatic cutouts are also being seen all over social media and the beach recently, and it’s not hard to see why. These suits are sexy and daring in a way that normal swimsuits just aren’t. They typically come as one-pieces, although they cover about the same amount of skin as a bikini. If you like to mix and match your trends, many brands offer this style in neon colors. 

Brands, Pricing & Deals

Norma Kamali is offering a particularly dramatic suit from Net-a-Porter for $62.

Final Thoughts

Overall, whichever trend you choose to wear this year, it will be easy to make a statement with the many bold styles available. From cutouts to big and bright colors, anyone can turn heads in these trends. They fit any budget as well with more affordable brands offering similar styles as top designers.

If these prices still don’t suit your wallet, it is easy to find sales. And, the bonus about some of these long-lasting trends (such as animal print and neon colors) is that some clearance racks from last year might feature these styles as well. It doesn’t matter which you choose: it’s easy to rock these versatile trends at the pool, the beach, or just all over Instagram.                       

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